Index of Urdu Journals, International Islamic University - Islamabad

Guideline for Publishers

How to get registered with the Index of Urdu Journals


Before Applying to IOUJ

A Journal must have:

A valid email address to apply online.

An active website which presents the journal’s data as per rules of the HEC (For Pakistani Journals only). 

How to Apply

For the indexation of a journal, data about the contents of the journal is required in the format mentioned in the API documentation page.

It will be certified if the journal has been accepted or not for the indexation.

If the journal is unable to provide the data in the required format, it can still be included to the Directory.

To submit your application please click on Apply.


Please write your email on the page below and submit it with google captcha.


You will receive an email on your given address. Please click on “Click here” to verify your email address.

Please use the following link to:

Get registered with the Index of Urdu Journals.

Update the information about your journal.                                          





You will see the following form to submit your application:



Please write the name of the research journal:



ISSN of the online version


Website link of research journal


Information about the Publisher (University/Institute/Organization):



Submit your application form.



After receiving your application, we will evaluate the application and you will receive an email when your application is approved.


For more information please contact us.