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A Brief Review Of Dr.Moinuddin Aqeel Criticism

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  • Keywords: Moinuddin Aqeel; Urdu Literature; scholar; critic,
  • Subject: Language and Literature
  • Language(s): Arabic, Panjabi, Punjabi, Pashto, Pushto, Persian, Sindhi, Urdu
  • Volume: Vol. 3 No. 4
  • Issue:
  • Pages: 70-85
  • Published: 22 Feb 2023


  • Asif Iqbal

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Moinuddin Aqeel is a renowned author, scholar, author and critic and as well as a linguist too. His criticism on various genres possesses a clear and vivid opinion. Especially, he has critically reviewed the history of Urdu language and Literature in South Asia under the imperial and colonial rules and the role of Urdu language in the independence movement. He has examined the various literary works and brought out their true picture before readers. His vast study and critical reviews have important place in contemporary literary circles. Being a researcher and critic, he has been largely responsible for the revival of the interest in South Asian Urdu study and research. He has critically analyzed various books and articles and gave his personal view about them especially on Urdu research and social attitude about mother Language. I have no hesitation in saying or writing here that Moinuddin Aqeel is not just the name of a person, but the name of a bright institution of knowledge and wisdom.

Journal Information

  • Journal: Dareecha-e-Tahqeeq
  • ISSN (online): 2790-9972
  • Institute: Urdu Language & Literature Research
  • Publisher: Urdu Language & Literature Research
  • Start year: 2020
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Review type: Double blind peer review
  • Date added: 03 Mar 2023
  • Last index: 30 May 2024